Booking WCW in 1999

I decided I had fun booking WCW in 1998, so I’m going to follow it up with booking WCW in 1999.  This is the year that follows my WCW in 1998 (so I suggest reading that if you haven’t already), continuing with story lines and such.

Before I begin, I have to say something. I know in the real world, Raven left WCW in 1999.  I think Bischoff held a meeting and told anyone if they wanted to leave, they’d be released and Raven was the only one.  I’m not sure if he would in my WCW (I would have pushed him as much as I could), however, I honestly don’t know how to properly use him.  So, we’re just going to assume he left my fantasy WCW the same way he left the real WCW :(

Also, Jericho left in 1999 (around April I think).  Again, not sure if he would have here with how much I’m pushing him.  However, since this is fantasy, I’m just going to keep him around.

New Talent:
Before I get into any stories, I need to sign new talent.  The World & US title pictures are fine, but the tag team division is non-existent and the cruiserweights need some new blood.  So, I make some cuts on the roster from guys I was never using and didn’t have much of a use for (Randy Savage, Lex Luger, Curt Hennig, Rick Steiner, The Giant, and more I don’t feel like naming at the moment).  With those releases, there are some new people I’d bring: AJ Styles, James Storm, Chris Harris, & Kazarian.  And before people start complaining that I’m just trying to turn the company into TNA now, shut up.  Yes, they may end up in TNA years later (though the company never exist in this fantasy world depending on how things play out).  However, at this point, they were complete nobodies on the independent circuit, most of which only started out a year ago.  I’m trying to build new talent, and this is the best way to do it in my opinion.

Goldberg vs. Scott Steiner:
Going into 1999, Goldberg was now WCW World Heavyweight Champion and was still undefeated.  At Souled Out, he defeated Bret Hart in a rematch from Starrcade.  Over the next several months, Goldberg continues his streak by defending the title on Pay Per Views against Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair (who bead Bret Hart at Superbrawl to end their feud started in 98), Diamond Dallas Page, & Kevin Nash.  Meanwhile, Scott Steiner continues to be pushed as a monster.  He mainly feuds with a now face Eddie Guerrero, Diamond Dallas Page, & Booker T for the first few months of the year, and beats them all in a four way elimination match at Slamboree, becoming the #1 Contender for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.  Scott receives his title shot against Goldberg at the Great American Bash.  The match goes for about 30 minutes with back and forth action.  Eventually, Goldberg attempts to go for the spear, though Steiner throws the referee at Goldberg, causing the ref to be hit with the spear.  Steiner then slips out of the ring, grabs his lead pipe, and hits Goldberg over the head with it, knocking him unconscious.  Steiner then puts him in the Steiner Recliner.  The referee eventually gets up, checks to see if Goldberg will tap, but sees he’s unconscious.  The ref has no choice but to declare Scott Steiner the winner, meaning Scott Steiner has ended the streak and is the new WCW World Heavyweight Champion!  Afterwards, it’s announced that Goldberg suffered a concussion during his match with Steiner and would be out for the next couple of months.

Over the next few months, Steiner feuds with Diamond Dallas Page and Chris Benoit, defeating them at Bash at the Beach and Road Wild.  On Nitro after Road Wild, Steiner is set to defend the world title against Sting.  However, Sting was found attacked backstage and Steiner said there was now no one to face him.  Just before he’s declared the winner via forefit, Goldberg’s music hits and Goldberg comes out.  Whoever the authority figure at this point is (we’ll say Eric Bischoff) says that Goldberg is using his rematch clause tonight to replace Sting in the World title match.  The match ends in a double count out when the two begin brawling outside the ring and all around the arena.  The following week, the authority figure (whom we’ll just say is Eric Bischoff from now on for convenience) says that if Goldberg & Steiner want to fight all over the arena, they’ll have the ability to do so at Fall Brawl in a Street Fight for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.  At Fall Brawl, Steiner defeats Goldberg in the street fight after hitting him with a car.

After this, Steiner continues his world title reign while Goldberg disappears again.  Steiner defeats Hulk Hogan to retain the WCW World Heavyweight Championship following interference from the returning Jeff Jarrett.  At World War 3, Steiner & Jarrett beat Hogan & Goldberg in a tag team match.  Afterwards, Steiner begins feuding with the new #1 contender for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship at Starrcade: Chris Benoit.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Hulk Hogan:
As mentioned earlier, Jarrett returns to WCW by costing Hogan his world title match at Halloween Havoc.  Jarrett wrestles his return match on Nitro, loosing to Hogan via disqualification when Jarrett uses the guitar.  Jarrett and Hogan begin feuding, with Jarrett saying that Hogan has over-stayed his welcome in the wrestling business and needs to step aside (thinking about it, Jarrett seems more like the face here.  Sorry).  As said before, Steiner & Jarrett beat Hogan & Goldberg at World War 3.  Later that night, Jarrett wins the World War 3 match to earn a shot at the WCW World Heavyweight Championship at Superbrawl.  Hogan had eliminated Jarrett, which the ref didn’t see.  Jarrett then grabs Hogan and drags him out to the floor and Jarrett hops in, leaving the referee thinking Hogan was eliminated and Jarrett was still in.  Jarrett & Hogan continue their feud over the next several weeks until a match is booked for Starrcade between the two.  A stipulation is added where if Jarrett wins, Hulk Hogan must retire and if Hogan wins, he gets Jarrett’s title shot at Superbrawl.

Tag Team Divison:
In 1998, the tag team division was completely dead.  So in 1999, I’m doing a complete revamp of the tag team division.  Rey Mysterio Jr. & Juventud Guerrera are stripped of the titles after not defending the belts for 30 days.  A tournament is made with 16 teams.  Some already existing teams, some teams randomly paired together, and some teams being new guys brought in.  The tournament is won by James Storm & Chris Harris, now known as America’s Most Wanted (they became that team in TNA later in 2002).  AMW dominate the tag team division, defeating every single team WCW has.  They eventually become the longest reining tag team champions in WCW history.  They begin to come out every week and issue an open challenge to any former WCW World Tag Team Champions, which results in one night reunions for teams like Harlem Heat, the Road Warriors, and Sting & Lex Luger.  Eventually, they are challenged by Kevin Nash & Scott Hall, the Outsiders.  The match is booked for Starrcade.

Chris Jericho:
I’m assuming that with how much I’m pushing Jericho, he sticks around.

After loosing to Benoit at Starrcade 98, a rematch is made between the two in a title unification match for the US title & TV Title.  This is done to eliminate the TV title, as I don’t see much point in it any more.  Jericho beats Benoit in the match at Souled Out, and keeps the US title for months.  He feuds with multiple people for the title, including Booker T, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Diamond Dallas Page, and even Sting & Bret Hart.  Jericho beats them all, and is able to go over most of them clean.  In the World War 3 match, Jericho is one of the final six men left, though is eliminated by Booker T.  After a few others are eliminated, Jericho costs Booker the win, allowing Jeff Jarrett to win the World War 3 match.  Jericho then starts feuding with Booker in the weeks leading into Starrcade, with the match eventually being confirmed by Eric Bischoff.

Two new Cruiserweight wrestlers iare brought into the company in 1999: AJ Styles & Kazarian.  They wrestle each other in their debut match, with AJ winning.  AJ then rises through the Cruiserweight division, until eventually defeating Billy Kidman to win the title in July.  AJ is able to bring the division to a whole new level, with the Cruiserweight title match often being one of the final three matches on the PPVs.  Meanwhile, Kazarian also goes through the division and would have developed an undefeated streak like Goldberg, IF he hadn’t lost his debut match to AJ Styles.  Kaz & AJ end up feuding over this, with their match at World War 3 going to a draw.  A rematch is made for Starrcade, where there must be a winner.

Starrcade 1999:
Well, here we are.  Starrcade 1999, the final PPV event of the century.  The line up is:

WCW World Heavyweight Championship: Scott Steiner (c) vs. Chris Benoit
If Jarrett wins, Hogan must retire.  If Hogan wins, he gets Jarrett’s title shot: Hulk Hogan vs. Jeff Jarrett
Bret Hart vs. Ric Flair
WCW United States Championship: Chris Jericho (c) vs. Booker T
WCW Cruiserweight Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs. Kazarian
WCW World Tag Team Championships: America’s Most Wanted (James Storm & Chris Harris) (c) vs. The Outsiders (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall)
Ladder: WCW Cruiserweight Title Shot: Rey Mysterio vs. Billy Kidman vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Alex Wright vs. Psychosis vs. Lenny Lane
Sting vs. Diamond Dallas Page

The opening match is the ladder match.  It’s mostly a spotfest to get the crowd fired up.  Rey Mysterio ends up winning the match and the title shot, to get his title shot in the first Championship match of 2000 on the January 3 edition of Nitro.

The next match is the WCW World Tag team title match.  It’s a back and forth match with many near falls, though America’s Most Wanted go over and Storm debuts the Last Call (basically a superkick).  The next match is Bret Hart vs. Ric Flair, a match Bret Hart demanded since he never finished his feud with Flair.  Bret Hart ends up gaining the win over Flair, though afterwards shakes hands with Flair, showing respect for him and turning face in the process.

After this is Sting vs. Diamond Dallas Page.  I originally had a story for these two feuding.  However, after thinking about it, I remember I had read it on another site.  I didn’t want to steal someone else’s idea, so I got rid of it.  When I have a new original story, I will post it.  As for the match, Sting wins after hitting the Scorpion Splash.  DDP will raise his hand after the match and Sting will go for a handshake, but Page just walks away.

Next is the United States title match between Chris Jericho and Booker T.  Booker T beats Jericho to win the United States Championship after the Axe Kick (I think that’s what it’s called) and there’s just the feeling in the air that 2000 will be Booker T’s year.  The Cruiserweight title match is next, with both great technical wrestling and high-flying stuff.  In the end, AJ Styles wins after a Styles Clash from the top rope.

And now we’re to our double main event.  The first is the Jeff Jarrett/Hulk Hogan match.  Both men look strong in it and it’s probably Hogan’s best match in years.  Neither man can beat the other, and Jarrett eventually decides to use the guitar.  He nails Hogan in the head with it, which knocks Hogan down.  However, Hogan then does the whole stupid “Hulk Up” thing and gets back with a series of punches on Jarrett followed by a body slam and leg drop.  Jarrett is able to kick out of it, and Hogan argues with the ref saying he had it.  While Hogan and the ref are arguing, Jarrett takes out brass knuckles and low blows Hogan with them.  Jarrett then pins him, meaning Jeff Jarrett will challenge for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship at Starrcade while Hulk Hogan must retire.

In the main event between Scott Steiner & Chris Benoit, Steiner spends the first 10 minutes or so dominating Benoit where he gets no offense in.  Eventually, Scott goes for the Frankensteiner, though Benoit is able to push Steiner to the mat before he does it and is able to start making a comeback.  In the end, Chris Benoit gets Steiner to tap out to the crossface, meaning he FINALLY becomes WCW World Heavyweight Champion.  During his celebration, Jeff Jarrett comes down and attacks Benoit, and holds up the WCW World title belt as the show goes off the air.

Going into 2000:
I have a lot set up going into 2000.  We have Jeff Jarrett the #1 contender fort he World title at Superbrawl, and he now has the claim that he ended Hulk Hogan’s career.  What happens to Hogan now?  Does he retire?  Does he try to say that the ending should mean there should be a rematch?  What happens to America’s Most Wanted now that they’ve beaten every team in WCW?  What’s Chris Jericho do now that he’s no longer US Champ?  Where does Booker T go from here?  There’s a lot of questions going into the new century, and I feel this could be one of the best years in company history.

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