Booking TNA in 2011

I loved booking TNA in 2010, so I figure I’d continue.  Yes, I know that this also will contain the remainder of 2010, thus more than 2011, but I didn’t feel like writing all that out.  There’s not much to say really.  But before we get into that…

New Roster Additions and Releases
I like this roster too much to really release anyone.  But it has to be done.  Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any releases.  I haven’t been doing anything with Rhino, so he’ll be let go (after winning the Fired Case in the Feast or Fired match).  Rob Terry is useless (he is muscular, but it looks like he struggles to move), so I’ll let him go.  In the real world, Taylor Wilde was released from TNA in December 2010 and retired that February.  I’d hate to see her go, but I have no control over if she wants to retire or not, so I’ll let her go and wish her luck with her life.

Now that some people have been released, I’ll bring new talent in.  I’m going to sign Mickie James for the Knockouts division (I’ve watched a few matches on Youtube and she’s decent in the ring and has a fanbase).  I’ll also bring in Tommy Mercer, better known in TNA as Crimson (don’t worry, he won’t be pushed as the next Goldberg like in the real world).  I’ll also sign Gunner, but again, he won’t be pushed anywhere near as hard as he was in the real world (why would be debut as a security guard, and less than a year later pinning world champions like Sting, Mr. Anderson, & AJ Styles?).  I’ll also bring in Robbie E, though he WILL NOT have the Jersey Shore gimmick.  That’s about as simple as I can put it.

Mr. Anderson
NOTE: For anyone curious, Anderson is not a face.  Just because his A**hole thing got him over with fans, I see no reason to turn him face.  To me, he’s the perfect tweener, so that’s what he is.

Following Bound for Glory, the TNA Global Championship is renamed the TNA Television Championship, and Anderson is put into a four way elimination match at Turning Point to determine a new champion also involving AJ Styles, Abyss, & Christopher Daniels.  Anderson is able to make it down to the final two, though loses to AJ Styles.  The following month at Final Resolution, Mr. Anderson pulls down one of the cases and gains a shot at the TNA Television Championship at a time of his choosing*.  After AJ Styles defeats Christopher Daniels later in the night to retain the title, Anderson announces his intentions to cash in against AJ at Genesis.  At Genesis, Mr. Anderson scores the biggest in in his TNA career when he beats AJ Styles to become TNA Television Champion.  After beating AJ in a rematch at Against All Odds, Anderson continues to climb up the card and adds some prestige to the TV Title, and begins to demand a TNA World Heavyweight title shot.  Eventually, Anderson is able to defeat Petey Williams (whom Anderson cost the TNA World title) in a King of the Mountain qualifying match, and at Slammiversary, defeats champion Samoa Joe, Sting, Matt Morgan, & Abyss to become TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

After this, Anderson begins feuding with #1 Contender Kurt Angle and former champion Samoa Joe over the world title throughout the summer.  On an episode of Impact in July, Anderson beats Samoa Joe in a rematch, and defeats Kurt Angle at Hard Justice.  The feud comes to an end at No Surrender where Anderson beats Angle & Joe in a three-way match.  Over the next month, Anderson begins feuding with the Bound for Glory Series winner, which we’re about to get into…

Bound for Glory Series
I LOVE the idea of the Bound for Glory Series, so I carry that over into my fantasy TNA.  Rules are the exact same, though I add a rule from 2012 that was absent in the real world in 2011.  Every participant must face each other once.  I think that’s a lot more fair for everyone (in the real world, Gunner made it to the final four and had 18 matches while James Storm made it to the final four with 12.  Just doesn’t seem fair to me).

I won’t go down the entire thing because I’ll get confused and it’ll be boring to read, but here’s everyone’s points by the time the tournament is over (but before the finals at No Surrender):

1. James Storm: 58
2. Petey Williams: 57
3. Bobby Roode: 54
4. Matt Morgan: 49
5. D’Angelo Dinero: 45
6. AJ Styles: 42
7. Hernandez: 41
8. Sting: 36
9. Abyss: 35
10. Eric Young: 31
11. Jeff Jarrett: 25
12. Christopher Daniels: 21

Notice how none of the final four have been TNA World Heavyweight Champion (I don’t count Morgan’s reign)?  That’s what this tournament should be used for, building new stars.

At No Surrender, James Storm defeats Matt Morgan in a semi-final match while Petey Williams gets the upset over Bobby Roode.  In the finals, James Storm defeats Petey Williams to earn his first shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and main event Bound for Glory against Mr. Anderson.

Also, it’s probably worth mention that Beer Money has turned face during the series.

Tag Team Division
The Motor City Machine Guns continue their reign as tag team champions, successfully defending the titles on PPV (and Impact) against several teams, mainly feuding with Generation Me and Team 3-D.  At Genesis, the Guns continue their streak by retaining the belts in a five-way elimination match (also involving Beer Money, Team 3-D, the British Invasion, & Generation Me).  This also makes them the longest reigning TNA World Tag Team Champions in history, beating AJ Styles’ & Tomko’s 184 day reign.  A few weeks later at a house show, Shelly suffers a legitimate injury which sidelines him for 3 months.  This happened in the real world, and I’m trying to keep this as real as possible, so Shelly is out with an injury and the Guns are stripped of the betls :(

A mini-tournament is made to crown new champs, with Beer Money and Generation Me advancing to the finals.  At Against All Odds, Generation Me win the TNA World Tag Team Championships for the first time.  They successfully defend the titles against Beer Money at Victory Road (now in March), and later against the British Invasion at Lockdown and Team 3-D at Sacrifice.  Afterwards, Gen. Me begin to turn face and begin feuding with a newly reunited L.A.X.  They face each other at Slammiversary, where Generation Me retain the titles.

After Slammiversary, Crimson comes out and cashes in his Tag Tem Feast or Fired Case and chooses Gunner as his partner.  Crimson & Gunner win the match after using the belts, though the match is restarted and Generation Me retains.  A rematch is booked for Hard Justice, where Crimson & Gunner (now officially calling themselves the “Brothers in Arms”) win the titles.  In the third match at No Surrender, Generation Me once again fail to capture the titles.  Over the next few weeks, a match is booked for Bound for Glory where the Brothers in Arms will defend the titles against three other teams in an elimination match.  In qualifying matches, L.A.X. defeated Team 3-D, Generation Me defeated AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels, and The British Invasion (Doug Williams & Mark Haskins) defeated Lethal Consequences (shut up, it was the only other team I could think of).

Before I move onto the next section, I need to cover two things: The British Invasion & The Motor City Machine Guns.  In the real world (and here), the Guns become inactive when Shelly is injured for three months.  In the real world, the same day Shelly returns is when Sabin is injured.  I could pretend that doesn’t happen since I’m making this all up (and I never hired Anarquia, the guy who injured Sabin), but I’m going to say it did happen so that way I have to put more thought into this.

As for the British Invasion, they continue to do their thing, but never become top contenders for the tag titles sadly.  You probably noticed Mark Haskins is there.  Well at Destination X in July, Doug Williams issues an open challenge, answered by the debuting Mark Haskins.  Haskins beats Williams in his first match with the company.  I could put him in the X-Division as I feel he could be great there, but I won’t.  I’m going to add him to the British Invasion.  The Brits then kind of break away from Williams & Magnus in all their matches and it becomes Williams & Haskins until eventually Magnus leaves altogether.  No big feud or anything, he just leaves.  The reasoning for this is I plan to give Magnus a big push in 2012, but we’ll focus on that later.

I’m trying to make the X-Division matter once again, and I began to rebuild it previously in 2010.  But in 2011, I’m going to try and build towards the first all X-Division PPV in TNA history, Destination X.  But until then, it will get a lot more time on Impact and it will be higher up on the card on PPVs.

Now, Jay Lethal is X-Division Champion again following Bound for Glory.  He’ll hold onto the belt for a few months and defend it on a regular basis until dropping it to Kazarian at Genesis.  Kazarian will hold onto the title for months, feuding with guys like Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal, Amazing Red, etc. for the title (he also begins a short feud with Robbie E, winner of the X-Division Feast or Fired Case.  Robbie leaves the Division soon after).  After beating everyone in the company, two things are done for Destination X: 1) A tournament is made where the winner will face Kazarian at Destination X, and 2) Another tournament is made with the finals at Destination X and the winner earns a contract.

Here are full results for the Destination X PPV:

AJ Styles defeated Christopher Daniels
TNA X-Division Championship: Brian Kendrick defeated Kazarian (c)
Ladder (Winner Earns a contract): Austin Aries defeated Zema Ion, Senshi, & Jack Evans
Ultimate X: Amazing Red defeated Homicide, Kiyoshi, & Sonjay Dutt
TNA Television Championship: Alex Shelly (c) defeated Samoa Joe
Mark Haskins defeated Doug Williams w/Magnus
Bound for Glory Series: Petey Williams defeated Eric Young
Generation Me (Max & Jeremy Buck) defeated Lethal Consequences (Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed)

After Destination X, Austin Aries quickly becomes a top contender for the X-Division title, with his first title shot being at Hard Justice in a three-way also involving Champion Brian Kendrick & Amazing Red.  Kendrick wins the match by pinning Red.  Aries then starts a feud with Kendrick over the title, with Aries winning the title at No Surrender.  After winning a four-way elimination match on Impact, Aries defending the X-Division title against Kendrick is booked for Bound for Glory.

Television Championship
I’ve gone over part of the Television Championship in Mr. Anderson, so here’s the rest of it.

After Anderson wins the TNA World title, the TV title is once again vacated.  Alex Shelly wins the Vacant title, and begins defending it on an (almost) weekly basis.  This is done to make the title important (if it already isn’t) and give Shelly a singles push while Sabin is out of action.  Shelly feuds with multiple people for the title, from Robbie E to Hernandez to Magnus, etc.  After Petey Williams beats Shelly in a non-title match on Impact, a match is made for the Bound for Glory Pre-Show for the title.  This may make the belt seem umimportant, but it’s the TELEVSION Championship.  It should be defended on TELEVSION!  Plus, wouldn’t seeing a nice 10 to 20 minute match be better than nonstop videos?

After Bound for Glory 2010, Allisa Flash & Hamada continue to feud over the title, ending at Final Resolution when Hamada beats her in a Ladder match.  For a secondary feud for the division (has the Knockouts division ever even had one?), the newly signed Mickie James feuds with a now-heel Tara.  Eventually, Mickie is named as the #1 contender for the Knockouts title and wins the championship at Lockdown from Hamada.  Over the next several months, Mickie feuds with Allisa Flash, Tara, ODB, & Awesome Kong for the title.

Meanwhile, I try to develop a new star in Taeler Hendrix.  She’d be kind of a mid-carder for the Knockouts (I guess is the best way to put it).  However, she eventually begins scoring major upset wins over Hamada, ODB, Tara, & even Awesome Kong.  In a tournament to determine a #1 contender, she makes it to the finals along with Allisa Flash.  They have a match at No Surrender in the finals, but that goes to a draw.  They have a rematch on Impact, but that also goes to a draw.  While it was first determined that Mickie would defend the title in a three-way at Bound for Glory, it was later decided that the two would face each other at Bound for Glory and the winner would face Mickie later in the night for the title.  It was also said that there must be a winner, meaning there was no disqualification, no count out, and no time limit.

Bound for Glory 2011
TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Mr. Anderson (c) vs. James Storm
I Quit: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels
TNA World Tag Team Championships/Elimination: Brothers in Arms (Crimson & Gunner) (c) vs. Generation Me (Max & Jeremy Buck) vs. L.A.X. (Homicide & Hernandez) vs. British Invasion (Doug Williams & Mark Haskins) w/Magnus
TNA Knockouts Championship: Mickie James (c) vs. Taeler Hendrix
No Disqualification: #1 Contendership for TNA Knockouts Championship: Taeler Hendrix vs. Allisa Flash
Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle
D’Angelo Dinero vs. Abyss
TNA X-Divison Championship: Austin Aires (c) vs. Brian Kendrick

TNA Television Championship: Alex Shelly (c) vs. Petey Williams

Look at that line up.  Isn’t that just AWESOME?!?  And no Hogan/Sting match like in the real world :)

On the Pre-Show, Alex Shelly defeats Petey Williams to retain the TV title.

The first match is the X-Division title match, with Austin Aries retaining the title after hitting the Brain Buster.  Then is the Taeler Hendrix/Allisa Flash match, which I attempt to make a brutal match.  Taeler Hendrix once again gets the upset, and will face Mickie James later in the night.  After that is D’Angelo Dinero/Abyss.  I didn’t do a story for that one because there wasn’t much to mention, but basically I’m building Abyss back up as a Monster who’s mainly been winning squash matches.  He’s also a heel.  I have Abyss get the win in a close match.

Next is the elimination tag team match.  I worked out the order of eliminations for anyone curious:
Jeremy Buck
Mark Haskins
Doug Williams
Max Buck
Doug Williams

This means the Brothers in Arms retain the titles via Crimson being the lone survivor.

Next is the Angle/Joe match, which is also the seventh time they’ve faced each other one on one (being tied at 3-3 before the match).  I’ll have Joe go over here, since 1) in the real world, Angle was legitimately injured (which we’ll say he also is here) and 2) I’ve been pushing Joe as a monster.  Next is the I Quit match between AJ & Daniels.  Yes, I know it’s lazy having them feud again.  Please shut up.  More brutal than the two usually are, and AJ eventually gets the win after getting ready to jam a screwdriver in Daniels’ forehead.  This is followed up with the Knockouts title match, where Taeler Hendrix wins the title (I know this isn’t a good match for right before the main event, especially after AJ/Daniels & Joe/Angle, but I needed to give Hendrix time to rest).

And now it’s time for the Bound for Glory main event.  TNA World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Anderson defending the title against Bound for Glory Series winner James Storm.  This is James Storm’s first shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship (counting when TNA used the NWA world title).  After a while of back and forth action and several near falls, Anderson makes one mistake: He loses his footing when going to the top rope.  Storm is able to capitalize on this and suplex him to the ground, and follows this up with the Last Call.  Storm pins Anderson and becomes the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.  Bobby Roode comes out to celebrate with him and it’s a feel good moment to end the biggest show of the year on.

Setting up the rest of 2011 & 2012
Was that an epic Bound for Glory or what?  I’m probably overrating it, but it just epic to me.  A lot of stories seem to have been resolved (AJ/Daniels, Angle/Joe), but will they continue?  What will Mr. Anderson do after loosing the TNA World title?  Is Bobby Roode truly happy for James Storm?  How long will Austin Aries’ reign as X-Division Champion last?  What’s next for Taeler Hendrix?  A lot of possible directions I can go for the next year, and we’ll see what happens.

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