Booking TNA in 2012

Not much to put here, if you’ve read my past few posts you know what this is.  So let’s just get right in.

James Storm vs. Bobby Roode:
On the Impact after Bound for Glory, Mr. Anderson demands his rematch against James Storm.  The match open Impact and goes to a time limit draw.  Another match (this time with no time limit) is made for the main event of the show, with Storm retaining the title.  The following week, Roode defeats Anderson to become the #1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Turning Point.  At Turning Point, Roode defeats Storm to win the TNA World title after hitting him with a beer bottle, turning heel and splitting up Beer Money in the process.

Afterwards, Storm disappears for a few weeks due to an injury after being attacked backstage (Kurt Angle is revealed to be the attacker).  Roode then begins feuding with AJ Styles.  At Final Resolution, James Storm defeats Kurt Angle while Bobby Roode retains the World title against AJ.  At Genesis, Roode successfully defends the title against D’Angelo Dinero (who feuded with Mr. Anderson over #1 contendership) while Kurt Angle defeats James Storm in a rematch.  On the following Impact, Storm defeats Angle in a third match and earns a TNA World title shot for Against All Odds.  However, after Dinero beats him in a match for Storm’s title shot, it’s made a three-way match with Roode defending against Storm & Dinero.  Storm hits the last call on Dinero and pins him, appearing that he’s about to regain the world title.  However, Roode pulls Storm out of the ring and pins Dinero himself, retaining the title.  On the following Impact, Storm defeats Dinero in a #1 contenders match, earning a world title match at Lockdown while Roode enters a brief feud with Sting, whom he defeats at Victory Road.  At Lockdown, Storm finally receives his rematch for the title, but loses the match.  I know I’ll have Roode use some cheap trick to win, but I’m not sure what he’ll do.

At Sacrifice, Roode retains the world title against Kurt Angle.  Meanwhile, after Lockdown, Storm climbs through the ranks again to attempt to become #1 contender for the TNA World title again.  He eventually is able to become the #1 contender for Slammiversary, and his match with Roode is turned into a Street Fight (the King of the Mountain match becomes a #1 contender match).  At Slammiversary, James Storm defeats Bobby Roode to regain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and finally gain his revenge.  Afterwards, Storm defeats Austin Aries (See below) at both Destination X and Hard Justice to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and later begins feuding with Aces & Eights (once again, see below).  After No Surrender, while Storm still wants to stop Aces & Eights, he shifts his focus to the winner of the Bound for Glory Series (for the third time, see below) heading into Bound for Glory.

The Rise of Austin Aries:
After BFG 2011, Aries continues to dominate the X-Division, feuding with the likes of Kid Kash, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Amazing Red, etc.  Eventually, Aries is pushed towards the main event and starts a feud (kind of) with AJ Styles, with Aries beating him at Sacrifice to retain the X-Division title.  Afterwards, Aries continues this by beating Samoa Joe at Slammiversary.  On the following Impact, Aries (similar to the real world) says he’s not satisfied with the X-Division title and wants the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.  He vacates the X-Division title and challenges James Storm for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Destination X, but loses the match.  Aries receives another title match at Hard Justice, but once again loses.  After this, Aries wins the TNA Television Championship on Impact (now held by D’Angelo Dinero) and begins to feud with Aces & Eights until beginning a feud with Kurt Angle, leading to a match at Bound for Glory.

Bound for Glory Series:
Same rules as Last Year.  Here’s everyone’s points right before No Surrender:

1. Bobby Roode: 73
2. Samoa Joe: 68
3. Mr. Anderson: 64
4. Kazarian: 53
5. AJ Styles: 50
6. Kurt Angle: 45
7. Matt Bentley: 42
8. Petey Williams: 41
9. Crimson: 35
10. Gunner: 31
11. Magnus: 28
12. Christopher Daniels: 21

At No Surrender, Bobby Roode defeats Matt Bentley while Samoa Joe defeats Crimson.  In the finals, Bobby Roode defeats an injured Samoa Joe (See below) to become the #1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and earn another shot at James Storm.  This may seem a bit predictable, but sometimes being predictable is better than filling the company with a bunch of swerves.

Aces & Eights:
This is a story that happened in the real world.  However, I do it almost 100% differently (eventually.  It’s very similar in 2012).

After Slammiversary, a few masked guys show and attack Sting.  Despite a lot of questions, they don’t show up until almost a month later, this time with a lot more than the guys who attacked Sting.  Over the next several weeks, they attack both faces & heels, from Sting to Kurt Angle to AJ Styles to Austin Aries to Bobby Roode to TNA World Heavyweight Champion James Storm.  At Hardcore Justice, Aces & Eights attack D’Angelo Dinero backstage, side lining him for the rest of the year.  They also attempt to interfere in the main event, which ends up costing Austin Aries the World title and put suspicion on James Storm.  At No Surrender, a huge brawl between the TNA locker room and Aces & Eights begins, which results in Samoa Joe being injured before his Bound for Glory Series final match.  Bobby Roode is able to capitalize on this and defeats Joe to become the #1 Contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Bound for Glory.

Over the next few weeks, a match is made for Bound for Glory.  Two of Aces & Eights guys (still masked) vs. Two of TNA’s guys.  Sting is announced as the first member of Team TNA, and he picks Samoa Joe for his partner.  However, Aces & Eights attack him backstage (much worse than at No Surrender, putting him out of action for over a month), meaning Sting has to find a new partner.  After a week of the only real option being Mr. Anderson (who has no real interest, being the a**hole he is), Matt Morgan eventually walks to Sting and complains about not being in the Bound for Glory Series during the summer.  Sting offers him the chance to prove himself and possibly earn a TNA World title match in the future by fighting Aces & Eights at BFG.  Morgan reluctantly accepts, setting up Sting & Matt Morgan vs. Aces & Eights at Bound for Glory.

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian:
After Bound for Glory 2011, AJ begins a short feud with Bobby Roode, loosing to him at Final Resolution.  On the following impacts throughout the month, AJ & Kazarian were randomly drawn together in a #1 contenders tournament for the tag team titles, and are able to make it to the finals.  However, Daniels comes down during the match and Kaz abandons AJ & leaves with Daniels.  Yes, I know this happened in the real world, but it will change.

After this, it’s pretty much simple.  Daniels feels AJ was given way too much in TNA and that he was every bit as talented as AJ but never got a far shot, Kazarian feels the same way, and they begin feuding.  No big Dixie Carter secret or Clarie Lynch stuff (I heard Eric Bischoff got a raise for that storyline.  I can only imagine the money I’d make there).  Kazarian scores a huge win over AJ at Against All Odds.  The following month at Victory Road, AJ teams with Mr. Anderson to defeat Daniels & Kaz (Anderson is still tweener BTW).  At Lockdown, the two are on opposite sides in Lethal Lockdown.  Team Aries (Austin Aries, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Mr. Anderson, & Petey Williams) defeated Team Magnus (Magnus, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Brother Ray, & Brother Devon).  AJ then starts a thing with Austin Aries, resulting in a match at Sacrifice where Aries retains the X-Division title.  Earlier in the night, Christopher Daniels & Kazarian defeated the Brothers in Arms to become TNA World Tag Team Champions.

Over the next few weeks, AJ continues his feud with the two.  AJ eventually recruits his own partner: the returning MATT BENTLEY!  This may seem like an odd choice, but Bentley has history with all three men, especially Kazarian (they were a tag team for a while and were also the first and only co-X Division Champions).  At Slammiversary, AJ & Bentley defeat Christopher Daniels & Kazarian to become TNA World Tag Team Champions.  On the following Impact, all four men are entered into the Bound for Glory Series.  AJ & Bentley drop the titles back to Kaz & Daniels two weeks later.  Over the next few months, the four’s main concern is winning the BFG Series (and Daniels & Kaz defend the titles every few weeks).  While AJ comes close, only Bentley is able to make it to the final four, but loses to Bobby Roode.  AJ & Bentley also earn a TNA World Tag Team title match at Bound for Glory, but so do Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez (See below).  After a #1 contenders match between the two teams go to a draw, a three-way for Bound for Glory is made.

Tag Team Division:
Basically, the Brothers in Arms continue to dominate the tag team division.  At Victory Road, a video package hyping the return of the Motor City Machine Guns airs.  The Guns face the Brothers in Arms at Lockdown where Crimson & Gunner are able to retain.  Shortly afterwards, Alex Shelly is released from his contract, disbanding the Motor City Machine Guns (Sabin also suffers another injury, causing him to go inactive again).  Crimson & Gunner hold the belts for another month, until loosing them to Christopher Daniels & Kazarian at Sacrifice, ending their record setting 250 day reign.  I’ve stated the feud between AJ/Bentley & Daniels/Kaz above, so let’s just skip that.

After Chavo Guerrero makes his TNA debut, he forms an alliance with Hernandez, and the two feud with the Brothers in Arms.  At Hard Justice, Chavo & Hernandez defeat the Brothers in Arms.  This earns them a TNA World Tag Team title match on Impact, where Daniels & Kaz cheat to retain the belts.  And I’ve already listed the three-way BFG title match.

I’ve already listed Austin Aries’ dominance.  The only thing to add during that time is that Ion does end up botching a move and injures Jesse Sorrensen.  I won’t change that.  After Aries vacates the X-Division Championship, a tournament is made where the winner becomes new champ.  At Destination X, Zema Ion defeats Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, & Kenny King in an Ultimate X match to become champion.  Afterwards, Ion pretty much does the same as in the real world, where he injures every opponent he faces.  However, he doesn’t face Rob Van Dam at BFG (since RVD isn’t under contract and only disgraces the belt).  He just faces #1 contender Jay Lethal.

After Bound for Glory, Gail Kim makes her TNA return, this time as a heel.  She quickly becomes the #1 contender for the title at Turning Point, where she beats Taeler Hendrix to win the title.  Afterwards, she feuds with Mickie James, Hamada, Tara, ODB, & Allisa Flash (still a heel) for the title.  Meanwhile, Taeler Hendrix starts her climb to the top again, and eventually earns a rematch against Gail at Lockdown.  At Lockdown, Hendrix fails in her attempt to regain the Knockouts Championship.  After Lockdown, Gail begins feuding with Sarita, who pinned her several times on Impact.  Sarita gets her shot at the Knockouts title at Sacrifce, but fails to win the title.  She earns another title shot and at Slammiversary, defeats Gail Kim to end her record setting 210 day reign.

After this, Sarita defends the title regularly on Impact against just about every Knockout in TNA.  Eventually, she begins a feud with Tara, and a match is made or Bound for Glory.

D’Angelo Dinero:
I decided to list him here due to his absence in this (especially with how much I was pushing him in 2008).  Basically, after Against All Odds, Dinero disappears for a little bit until returning at Victory Road 2012 answering an open challenge from TNA Television Champion Alex Shelly.  Dinero then beats him for the championship.  Pope then starts a feud with Robbie E, where Pope is able to keep the TV Title in a series of matches.  This may seem like it’s burying Pope, but I’m, simply trying to make Robbie look like less of a joke.  After Lockdown, it’s announced the TV title must be defended every week on Impact, and Dinero does this.  This is done to keep Pope around and keep him relevant while staying out of the World title picture.  The weekly title defense thing is slowly dropped, with the final week it’s in place is in August when Dinero drops the title to Austin Aries.  Dinero is then attacked backstage by Aces & Eights, leaving him out of action for the rest of the year.

Bound for Glory 2012:
TNA World Heavyweight Championship: James Storm (c) vs. Bobby Roode
Sting & Matt Morgan vs. Aces & Eights
TNA Television Championship: Austin Aries (c) vs. Kurt Angle
TNA World Tag Team Championships: The World Tag Team Champions of the World (Christopher Daniels & Kazarian) (c) vs. AJ Styles & Matt Bentley vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez
TNA X-Division Championship: Zema Ion (c) vs. Jay Lethal
TNA Women’s Knockouts Championship: Sarita (c) vs. Tara
If Ryan wins, he earns a contract: Petey Williams vs. Joey Ryan
Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson

The first match is the X-Division title match, with Zema Ion retaining the title.  The next match is Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson, where Magnus scores the upset.  The next match is Petey Williams/Joey Ryan.  I didn’t list a story for that, but basically picture what really happened, minus Gut Check and minus Al Snow (pretty much taking everything away from it).  Ryan is able to score the biggest win in his career (by cheating of course) and defeats Petey to earn a TNA contract.

The next match is the tag team title match, where Chavo & Hernandez are able to win the belts.  Next is the Knockouts title match, where Tara is able to win the title again.  The reasoning for this is she’s 42 years old (but can still go in the ring) and I’m not sure how much longer she has before she decides to retire, so I want to give her one last run with the belt.  After this is the Kurt Angle/Austin Aries match, which I push at a match of the decade candidate (seriously, how could Angle/Aries not be?).  Aries ends up getting the win, and in the process arguably makes the TV title equally as prestigious as the World title.

After this is the tag team match with Sting/Morgan vs. Aces & Eights.  I want to give this the same feeling as the hostile take over match from Bash at the Beach 96 in WCW.  Anyway, when several Aces & Eights members attempt to interfere, Morgan leaves the match to chase them off, accidentally leaving Sting in the ring for a two-on-one beatdown and Aces & Eights win the match.  Afterwards, Morgan comes back down to the ring, holding one of the masked guys over his shoulder.  Morgan throws him in the ring and DESTROYS the two Aces & Eights members in the ring (That just beat Sting).  Morgan then unmasks the member he carried over his shoulder who is revealed to be…


After a second to let that sink in, more Aces & Eights members come down and beat down on Morgan, and celebrate their win over Morgan & Sting.

Before I go into the main event, I want to explain my reasoning behind Eric Young as a member of Aces & Eights, as I’m aware a lot of people would hate it.  I don’t book Eric Young as a complete joke.  If you notice, with the exception of the 2011 BFG Series, Young hasn’t been seen since he & Nash lost the tag titles in 2010.  This is because I don’t know how to properly book him.  After years of being a joke, they finally used Eric Young properly in 2009 when he turned heel and formed World Elite.  This showed how serious Eric can be and how good he is on the mic.  While he won’t be some anti-American guy in Aces & Eights (or will he?  Is Aces & Eights simply World Elite 2.0?), but he can still get the main point across.  Plus, this helps set up some of the members to be revealed in the future.

Now it’s time for the main event, James Storm vs. Bobby Roode for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.  This feud has been going on for almost a year.  I won’t run through major detail of the match, but Storm ends up beating Roode and retains the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, continuing his reign and leaving him free to feud with someone else other than Roode.

Setting up 2013:
For the rest of 2012 & 2013, there’s a lot of directions this could go.  Just about ANYONE could be with Aces & Eights, so it will be interesting to see where that goes.  James Storm has finally finished his feud with Bobby Roode and can now feud with someone new over the belt.  There are several directions Roode can now go.  A lot of things could happen over the next year, so I hope you look forward to see what happens.

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